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Salvation Dolls


We are always looking for people to sew jumpers and salvation dolls for our mission teams as they serve locally, nationally, and internationally. These dolls are key in helping us share the Gospel of Jesus Christ - I cannot emphasize enough how effective these have been not only with children but with adults as well. 


Each doll is unique and is covered in prayer. See photo's below and files for the pattern. You may use any type of fabric but the cotton fabric works well. We encourage you to use a variety of colors for the face since children of all ethnicities will receive these dolls - boys and girls alike. It is wonderful to be able to share with a child that Jesus Christ loves everyone equally.


The face on each side is different - one side, the eyes are closed (I once was blind) and the other side the eyes are open, face smiling (but now I see!)  Also, notice we put a small bracelet as a necklace on each doll - this is a faith bracelet the recipient can wear to remind them of the salvation message we share.


If you have any questions, please contact Betty Smith of FBC Louisville at 478-625-7208 or email her at

This is a great project for any age! Cut out two pieces for the face (1 closed eyes, 1 open eyes) and cut two pieces for the body out on the fold of the fabric. You may stuff the doll with polyfil, scrap fabric bits, or even plastic shopping bags - they all work great as recycled materials.  Send us photo's of you or your group making the dolls! We love your ideas!



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