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Sunday School Leadership Resources

The total church equipping Spark Conference 2022 Vault Access has been purchased for our HBA/KBA churches and will be available by September 18th. Please check with your church leaders around that time and let them if know you would like access to these great sessions that will motivate you in your ministry!

Other helpful Sunday School Leadership Resource links will be available here in the next few days.

Your pastor and several church leaders have received the Spark Vault Access link, giving your church leaders, volunteers, and those who would like to become leaders in church ministry free access to inspiring and motivating key note speakers and over 36 total church equipping sessions. To see what is in the Spark Vault, click here. To view sessions in the vault, please ask your pastor/church leader to send you the link.

Upcoming Training Events

Pastor and Staff Training

Pastor and Staff Training Opportunities:

March 25 -       Understanding the Pastor/Minister Cycle

May 6 -            Understanding the Biblical Dynamics of Conflict



Men's Events

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