Ecuador Mission Team



With mixed emotions the Ecuador team boarded the flight from Quito to miami.  For me, the previous 11 days had been both exciting and exhausting.  Susan and I spent the first four days of the trip with her parents visiting the people and places they had known for 19 years as IMB missionaries in the 1970s-1990s.  What a blessing to see how the work that the Lord began in those remote places in the high Andes thirty years ago has continued to deepen and grow.  It was moving to see the great appreciation for her parent's labor so many years ago.


On November 4th we met up with the team from the Hephzibah Association and travelled to a place called Sigchos where we spent the next five days going from  house to house sharing the gospel, teaching the Word and training leaders.  The little church welcomed us with open arms and worked beside us all week.  When we would ask if we could share a word from God with people around the town the answer was most often affirmative.  Adults, youth, children, and even little children would sit and listen to the Word of God with great interest and many professed faith in Christ.  In Sigchos, as it is everywhere, the great challenge is seeing people move from professions of faith to discipleship.  As we departed we realized that we had the privilege of building on the work of others and that the Lord Himself will cause the growth of the body in Sigchos.