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Resources For Your Churches

Kilpatrick Resource Kits:

Faith Evangelism Strategy
On Mission Church in North America

Christian Living
Gripped by the Greatness of God  (James MacDonald)
Out Live Your Life (Max Lucado)
The Me I Want To Be (John Ortberg)
Daily Office Remembering God’s Presence Throughout the Day (Peter Scazzero)
The Power of a Whisperer Hearing God and having the guts to respond (Bill Hybels)
What’s So Amazing About Grace (Philip Yancy)
Not a fan (Kyle Idleman)
Jesus the one and only
The mind of Christ
Downpour (James McDonald)
Carry the Light following Christ’s example
Balanced & Blessed (Charles Lowery)
Life in the Spririt (Robertson McQuilkin)
Fresh Encounter (Henry Blackaby)
Follow Christ’s Example
Starting Point Finding Your Place in the Story (Andy Stanley)
Discovering God’s Way Of Handling Money (Crown Financial)
The Me I Want to Be (John Ortburg)
Chase the Goose Reclaiming the Adventure or Living A Spirit-Let life (Mark Batterson)
With All My Heart God’s Design for Emotional Wellness (Paul Carlisle)
With All My Soul God’s Design for Spiritual Wellness (Gene Wilkes)
Soul Shaping Disciplines That Conform You to the Image of Christ (John Wilson)

The Reason for God (Tim Keller)
Prayer (Philip Yancy)
Jesus the New Way (Tom Wright)
Christianity Cults & Religions
The Cross or the crescent
The Mormon Puzzle
The Reason For God (Timothy Keller)
Daily Office Remembering God’s Presence Throughout the Day (Peter Scazzero)

Toolbox for busy pastors
G-Force (Interactive worship and Bible study for children) vol 1.1, 1.3, 2.1
Choices Ultimate Challenge (Youth camp director’s notebook)

Additional Resources: 
Each Association has a video projector and an overhead projector that is available but which must be reserved. 

Resources That Churches Have made available:
Gough Baptist Church has a portable heated baptistery that they have made available for churches to borrow.

Resources & events which are available to you:
Healthy Kingdom Churches—HKC is a journey that one of our state missionaries will assist your church through.   “The Healthy Kingdom Churches Journey is about taking God up on His offer to call upon Him in order that He might tell us great and mighty things we do not know. This Journey is deeply spiritual. It is not a “one size fits all” approach. It is a journey that will enable a pastor and his church to hear from God in order that they might find and follow God’s vision for their future.”  Go to, click on ministries, select “enhancing ministry effectiveness.” Greg Abercrombie is our state missionary who is responsible for this ministry. 

State Missionary Tom Crites of Research services of the GBC has offered to us the opportunity create customized  mailing lists free of charge. If your church is thinking about doing some direct, targeted mailing they can provide a customized list for your church. 

Church Growth
His Heart Our Hands
Kingdom Principles Growth Strategy (Gene Mims)
How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It? (Craig Groeschel)
Basic Christian Stuff (A guide to assimilate new church members)
Jumpstart Sunday School Leadership Workshop (Adults through preschool)
It  How Churches and Leaders Can Get IT and Keep IT (Craig Groeschel)
The Team Builder:  Frank Lewis
Kingdom Principles Growth Strategies: Gene Mims
Outreach Teams that Win: GROW  Tidwell
The Agape Road: Journey to Spiritual Intimacy:  Bob Mumford
His Heart-Our Hands:  A ministry evangelism toolkit

Deacon Ministry
The Deacon I Want to Be (Johnny Hunt)
Deacons  Growing in Character and Commitment (Jim Henry)
Deacons:  Partners in Ministry: Jim Henry


Jesus on Leadership Becoming a Servant Leader (Gene Wilkes)
Developing Leaders After God’s Own Heart:  John Maxwell

Men’s Studies
Behind Closed Doors (men’s study by Johnny Hunt)
Taking Down Goliath (Overcoming the giants every man faces Johnny Hunt)

Women’s Studies
Woman to Woman mentoring
Do You Think I’m Beautiful?  Answering the question every woman asks (Angela Thomas)
The Patriarchs (Beth Moore)
Daniel    (Beth Moore)
God’s Story (Ann Graham Lotz)
I Saw the Lord Awake-up Call For Your Heart Anne Graham Lotz
Virtuous Woman Shattering the Superwoman Myth (Vicki Courtney)


Marriage and Family
Experiencing God’s Dream For Your Marriage (Chip Ingraham)
Discovering God’s Way of handling Money (Crown Financial)
Making the Most of Marriage (Kevin Leman)
Marriage built to last (Chip Ingraham)
Parenting: the early years (Parrott’s)
Value Packed Parenting (Kevin Leman)
The Hurried Family (Tim Kimmel)
Experiencing God’s Dream For Your Marriage
Effective Parenting in a Defective World How to raise kids who stand out from the crowd (Chip Ingraham)
Essentials of Marriage Who Did You Really Marriage (Focus on the Family)
The Family’s Heart Ten Actions That Will Make Your Family and Church Stronger
A Biblical Marriage in a Broken World (Danny Akin)

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