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Louisiana Church Needs List

CHURCH NEEDS for Southeast LA Baptist Association



20- 6' tables,

91 folding chairs,

9 storage cabinets,

9 bookcases,

6 small secretary desks,

5 bulletin boards,

10 white boards,

5 preschool size tables,

50 preschool chairs,

2 sofas,

1 stool,

1 piano lamp,

5 office chairs for visitors             1 filing cabinet. 



1 CD stereo player,

1 portable CD player, 

1 TV & DVD player,

1 pool table,

1 air hockey,

1 reg. size refrigerator,

1 mini refrigerator,

1 5x8 rug,

sound system,

20 choir room chairs,

5 music stands,

1 cover for back of grand piano,

1 rocking chair, 

10 conference room chairs,


, Supplies such as dry erase markers, erasers, construction paper, washable paint, craft items, crayon, washable markers, safety scissors, tape, stapler, play dough, puzzles, books, blocks, and legos. 


We lost our pews.  We think we had 16- 8', 8 -14', and 16- 12 1/2' pews.  If we reconfigure, we could fit 32- 12' pews in the auditorium. 

Choir chairs for the auditorium. 

Thank you for anything that is given,





Tables:  (Sunday School)  Adult, Youth, and Children

Chairs:  (Sunday School)  Adult, Youth, and Children

Sunday School:  Dry-erase boards, lecterns, etc.

Choir:  Chairs

Nursery Provisions:  Cribs, rocking chairs, changing tables, wall cabinets, playground equipment, dorm-size refrigerators, sleeping mats, puzzles, books, toys, desks, office/desk chairs (anything related to the day-to-day operation of a daycare with 125 children). 

Office furniture:  Desks, office/desk chairs, filing cabinets, office supplies, computers, telephones, etc.

Kitchen: (anything related to cooking and serving meals on Wednesday nights, fellowships, and feeding 125 children each day in daycare) folding tables, folding chairs, convection oven, six-burner gas stove, microwave (2), cooler, refrigerator, blender, cooking utensils,

Furniture:  Vestibule, Lord's Supper Table (Colonial White)

Piano:  Baby grand 

Music:  Music stands, microphone stands, etc.



Office desk       Rocking chairs,       changing tables,         dorm-size refrigerators




Sound equipment



Pulpit Chairs

Lord’s Supper Table

Lord’s Supper Service

Music Stands (3)

Piano (1 or 2)

Ice Machine


Sanctuary chairs (125)

Sound equipment and mic stands

Vestibule furniture (probably table to put bulletins, announcement sheets, promotional info, offering envelopes, etc.)


Filing cabinets

Copy machine

Cribs (2), Crib sheets (4),

Rocking chairs (2),

Changing table (1),

Dorm-size refrigerator (1)

Non-folding chairs for fellowship hall (160)

Freezer (1)

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