West Virginia Missions Report 2013

July 12-17, 2013


This year’s team included members from five different Hephzibah Baptist Churches.  During the week those teams worked with team members from the Kilpatrick Baptist Association to conduct four VBS’s with five churches in Mountain State Baptist Association in West Virginia.  Two of the Vacation Bible Schools ministered to between 20 and 35 children each day while two others ministered to between 120 and 150 participants each day.   We were blessed to see at least two professions of faith during the week.  Along with VBS we also able to bless the churches by helping them with repair, building maintenance and tree trimming.  Many of you donated school supplies (or money for school supplies) while others made jumpers for children or donated clothing. 

I wish that each of you could meet the pastors and church members and get a sense of just who grateful they are for the ministry that the Hephzibah Baptist Association brings.  I also wish that you could hear the testimonies they share of the difference that this ministry has made in their churches and communities over the years.  Tom Carpenter, pastor of Bridge Church in Matoka, tells us that this week is a highlight of the year for the whole town and that they look forward all year to our coming.   Last year was our first year at Edgemont Baptist Church. There were only a couple of children in Sunday School and worship the morning before we were to start VBS.  Instead of being discouraged the VBS team went out into the neighborhoods and began bringing children who had never been to the church. You cannot imagine the contrast from last year to this year in the life of Edgemont Baptist.  What an encouragement it was to see a healthy number of children and teens when there were hardly any a year earlier.  Even more encouraging to recognize the faces of many of those children and teens as young people who were introduced to the ministry of the church through the VBS we held there least year.  The Lord is using the HBA/KBA West Virginia mission trip to make a difference in churches and in lives.  Thank you for supporting the West Virginia Mission trip during these years. 



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