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 Refugee Sewing Society

We are currently seeking people to donate glass beads for an advanced jewelry class for the refugee women. We are also seeking someone to teach advanced or heirloom sewing classes. Contact Stephanie Cooler-Scott (912-667-6679 if you or

someone you know can help!


Visit their store and website 

The women are able to keep 70% of all proceeds to support their family.


On Wednesday, April 2nd we drove to Clarkston, GA and met up with NAMB

Missionary Cathy Palmer to deliver more than 50lbs of fabric, 5 sewing

machines and several bags of notions, thread, bobbins, etc

Three classes were going on that day - basic sewing, advanced sewing, and

beadwork/jewelry making. About 20 Bhutanese women and a one from the

Congo were in attendance (all victims of war) - we really enjoyed getting to meet and talk with

the ladies! I couldn't resist a Bhutanese doll with traditional dress made by

Devi, one of the Bhutanese refugees in the advanced sewing class.

We also purchased a few small cosmetic bags in absolutely beautiful Spring

fabric designs and a trug crocheted by Padma out of recycled shopping bags

(see photobelow). I encourage you to go and visit with these ladies - sit for tea and just soak in their life stories.

Cathy's husband Tim was also there - what a joy to see him up and about after recent brain surgery. 

We listened to their story and they ask we continue to pray for them while Tim is healing - the barometric pressure is difficult. Praise the Lord, Tim's memory is improving and like all of us, some days are better than others. Also, remember their two sons as health issues impact the whole family unit.


THANK YOU again for your donations, your generosity and your time to go ON MISSION with us to Clarkston! Click on the photo below to see 4 pictures from our mission trip!


























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