Associational Missionary Tim Batchelor

Christmas Backpack Project

Over the past several years we have collected Christmas Backpacks to share with children and teens for Christmas.  Most of these have gone to West Virginia while some have stayed in the state of Georgia. Each year we collect several  hundred backpacks from among our churches to share.  We are continuing that ministry again this year. 

Backpacks will be collected at the KBA Office through October 27th, to be delivered in both the Appalachia region and in Georgia. Copies of the Christmas Story will be available here at the office. Every effort is made to connect the child and his/her family back to a local church. Start praying now for the boys and girls who will receive them. Thank you for taking part in this mission project! 

HBA Fall Meeting

October 16th


At Rosemont Baptist Church

Mike Dann, pastor at Botsford will be our Preacher.

Ecuador Mission Trip January 16-23, 2023

Contact Brother Tim for ways that you can go and/or support the team.

Upcoming Events

Weekly Pastors' Meeting 10:30am at the Kilpatrick Asssociation Office in Thomson
Sept 1-31 Mission GA Season of Prayer

October 16th HBA Annual Meeting at Rosemont Baptist
October 20-21 Selah - Brunswick, GA
October 27 - Backpack deadline @ KBA office
Nov. 13-15 200th Georgia Baptist Convention @ Warren Baptist of Augusta

GBDR had the opportunity to lead 8 to Christ during their recent deployment to Sarasota, FL. Read more in The Christian Index.


October 30th:

GBDR Unit 4R are being deployed to Daytona Beach, FL. They were joined by approximately 20 workers from other regions of Georgia. They will begin assisting Oklahoma DR with mud outs of homes caused by Hurricane Ian.  Matthew 5:14, "We are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden."

If you would like to donate funds that go toward KIlpatrick Baptist Association's feeding Unit 2F as they respond to disasters, checks  can be made to the KBA with Unit 2F in the memo line, and sent to KBA, PO Box 895, Thomson, GA 30824. 

If you would like to give toward our area Clean-up and Recovery Unit 4R, donations can be sent to the Hephzibah Baptist Association at PO Box 1104, Waynesboro, GA 30830, with Unit 4R on the memo line.

You may also make donations directly to Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief at These donations will support the entire Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief Ministry. 

Please click here to learn how you can provide help, hope, and healing!

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August 16th:

We praise God for eleven people who received Christ and five rededications while our KBA Unit 2F & HBA Unit 4R were ministering to flood victims in Kentucky and Virginia! Pray for the teams from 16 different states who are still in the area working and pray for those who are in the process of rebuilding their lives. Pray that God will raise up more volunteers as some find they have to step aside due to their health.


There is one in-person Orientation and Recertification Training set for this year on September 17 at Abilene BC in Martinez, GA. Please register online  and learn of other Disaster Relief trainings and events at

Ecuador Mission Trip Report

On August 4th a team of six from the Hephzibah and Kilpatrick Baptist Associations travelled to Ecuador to spend a week ministering in the Sigchos Canton (like a county).  We spent the week travelling with church members to remote communities sharing the gospel and teaching the Bible to whoever would listen and training church members.  The first day of ministry I travelled with Pastor Marco Lozada to a community called Herba Buena on a unique endeavor.  Herba Buena is the place where he grew up and is the place where his parents still have a small farm. 

                Over the years Marco and I have talked about beekeeping and he expressed interest.  That interest grew when we noticed honeybees flying in and out of the ear of the large statue of Gabriel that watches over the city of Sigchos several years ago.  (Those bees still maintain a hive in the head of that statue.)  Pastor Marco purchased some equipment a couple of years back but we hadn’t been able to find any bees until he happened upon a swarm in a cornfield back in May. He shook the swarm in a box and walked 3 hours back to his parent’s house in Herba Buena in the dark.  He was afraid check the bees so I brought a suit and a smoker with me and we arranged to do a hive inspection when I arrived. 

                The day came for the inspection.  I was a bit apprehensive since the bees in South America are Africanized.  Africanized bees can be 100 times (no exaggeration) more aggressive than the European Bees I work with.  Apparently word got out that we were going to inspect the hive and 20 folks showed up to watch what might quickly become a spectacle.  Instead of working the bees we spent the next two hours leading a Bible study on the dirt floor of their home.  We spent time teaching what the Bible says about trials, suffering, family life and the gospel.  Afterward we put on our gear, taped every possible entry point and with some difficulty (because of the thin air at 9500 feet in elevation) lit the smoker.  To my surprise the bees worked quite nicely and we even found the queen.  We even managed to rob a little honey to everyone’s delight. 

Another day we travelled to a town named Tingechee.  This is a very remote and sparsely populated region.  The soil is poor being primarily made up of volcanic sand and the people there make a poor living trying to farm it.  Word had gotten out that we were coming and about 50 folks gathered.  We brought bread, cheese, drinks, candy and Quechua/Spanish interlinear Bibles.  About 25 children gathered in a public building while I taught adults on the steps of the Catholic church. 

                For an hour or so I taught from the parable of the soils and concluded the message by asking them to consider which kind of hearer of the Word they would be?  At the conclusion of that time one elderly man indicated that he believed and wanted to follow Jesus.  Afterward we shared the Bibles that we brought with the adults and children.  They remained on the steps for 30 minutes or more with Bibles open reading the Word of God in their native tongue for the first time.  May the Word of God take root and increase bearing fruit in their lives.


 A team of 140+ from Kilpatrick Baptist Association and Hepzibah Baptist Association traveled to WV/VA in July to minister to those living in the area around Bluefield, WV/VA. We had 5 VBS teams serving in Matoaka, Pocahontas, Pipestem, Princeton, Bluewell, & Edgemont.We had 250+ in the various VBS classes for the week with at least 18 salvations.

We had a construction team which worked hard pressure washing and painting a mission house in Pocahontas and Tender Mercy Ministries (Food Bank) in Princeton as well as painting a concrete wall in Matoaka. The construction team also had a few guys who repaired the food bank's riding lawn mower.

There was an oil change station in Pocahontas for the first time during our annual trip. The 3 member team was blessed to do 29 oil changes, 2 brake jobs, 1 sway bar replacement, 4 damaged oil plug replacements, & 1 transmission leak repair.