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We have officially started our Adopt-a-Cottage program and are excited to have churches partnering

together!  I'm thinking we should re-name this the "Martha Mathis Cottage Program" in honor of her

Adopt-a-Cottage idea and faithful service to the children at Baxley.

You will notice one of the cottages below still needs a sponsor - if you can help, contact Stephanie Scott at or call 912-667-6679


Allene-Boys MWO



Stapleton Baptist Church


Rosemont Heights

Vinson - Basic Care Girls



Central Baptist Church


Providence Baptist Church


Botsford Baptist Church

Mothers-Boys MWO



Wrens Baptist Church


Need sponsor #2

John Warr-Boys MWO



Wrens Baptist Church


Rosemont Heights

O'Farrell - Basic Care Boys



Louisville FBC


Waynesboro FBC



Baxley Children's Home

OK, we signed up to adopt-a-cottage - now what do we do?!!

1. Call Steve Bene at the Baxley campus - ask him to connect you with the House Parents for your cottage. Some cottages rotate staff, you just need the main point of contact for your cottage.

2. Ask your House Parents how many children are in their care and what are their birthdays - you will probably only know the month/day due to privacy - but be sure to send a birthday card and maybe a WalMart gift card on the child's birthday.

3. Find out if there are any specific tangible needs such as a new dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, etc and ask if there are any spiritual / prayer requests such as a child just entering the home or missing family....

4. Finally, reach-out - - round up other members of your congregation, especially your Youth and take a trip to Baxley - enjoy pizza and a movie or a round of basket ball - just show and share Jesus with these kids - - you will find out they are FABULOUS!


Georgia Baptist Children’s Home – Baxley Campus Summer Fun Day
Saturday, June 21st  10am until 2pm

We would like to invite you to participate in our 1 day Mission Trip to host a good old-fashioned fun day onsite at the Baxley Children's Home. The children need your love and support - we hope every church in our Association steps up with a team of 2 or more people to help host this event. Let us know if you can help with any of the below activities - or - if you have an idea of your own, we are open to other suggestions! Our next planning session is mid-May so check back regularly for updates including the exact date/time/location of the meeting.


Our Goal is to share the love/gospel of Christ with all children at the Baxley campus thru a day of fun activities. You will have the opportunity to meet and visit with the children throughout the day.


Theme – red/white carnival atmosphere, think festival or carnival!  


Indoor Activity Ideas: Relay race, Puppets, Face Painting, Skits, Ring toss on soda bottle, Coin toss for a goldfish, Inflatables, Cake walk, Cotton Candy - - if you are willing to man a station or provide the materials, we need your help!


Outdoor Activity Ideas: 100 yard dash, Rock climbing wall, Sack Race, Fishing Rodeo, Egg Toss, Singing, Inflatables, Craft-art projects - - we especially need people who can bring fishing tackle and are willing to help the kids fish.


Lunch will be grilled by Providence Baptist Church - we will probably have hamburgers and hotdogs - but it is up to you to bring all the fixin’s! If each of us brings a dish to pass, we should have plenty – we would feed the first group at 11am and the second group at 12noon. Some ideas for the fixin's include: Coleslaw, Cookies, Broc Salad, Cakes & Pies. Mac-n-Cheese, Tea, Soda, Water, Green Beans, Chips, Deviled eggs, Watermelon


To “sign-up” to help in any of the above areas (or an idea you may have how to participate) please contact Stephanie Scott via email at or via cell/text 912-667-6679



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